How long has your company been in business?

We have been in business for over 30 years, and many of our association shave been with us the entire time

Will the assigned manager attend monthly/every other month/quarterly board meetings?

Yes – as agreed to by The Board

Do you attend annual meetings?

Yes. Our job is to provide service and support to the Board of Directors to make their job as trouble free as possible. Depending on your needs, we can simply take meeting minutes, or we can also guide a Board to ensure a smooth meeting.

Will you record, prepare and distribute the minutes of all meetings?

Yes, it is part of the management agreement

Does your company provide board meeting packages prior to the meeting?

Yes, board packets are distributed to the Board of Directors

If yes, do the meeting packages include the following:

• Agenda – Yes

• Previous meeting minutes – Yes

• Manager’s Report – Yes

• Copies or list of correspondence sent from manager – Yes

• Work orders (service requests) pending and completed – Yes

• Financial statements – Yes

• Delinquency Report – Yes

• Specifications and bids – Yes

Will you keep all of the association’s bank accounts in the association’s name?

Yes, absolutely.

Do you do bookkeeping in-house, or is it done by an outside company?


Does your financial statement show an actual-to-budget comparison?


Does your financial statement show how much is in each of the Association’s accounts?


Do you use “Direct Deposit” to the bank?


Is the delinquency collection process handled in-house or by an outside company?

In house

To which professional organizations does your company belong?

ECHO, CAI, BBB, Chamber of Commerce

How long are your contracts?

Relationship can be terminated with thirty day’s notification. We believe in earning your business every month.

Will you prepare ballots and annual meeting notices?

Yes, it is part of the management agreement

Will you prepare and post agendas for all meetings?

Yes, if requested by the Board

Does your company maintain a tenant roster?

Yes, if requested by the Board

Does your company send out violation notification letters?

Yes, and we follow up until there is a final resolution.

Do you help the board establish a hearing procedure for violations?


How do you handle billing of members for their monthly assessments?

Statements and automatic draft if desired.

Do you provide a delinquency report on a monthly or quarterly basis?

Monthly to board members.

Is the report written or oral?

Written and may also be reviewed orally at the Board meeting

Will your company prepare a pro forma budget?


Do you coordinate the budget preparation with a committee?

Board or committee at the Board’s discretion

Does your company do the entire reserve study?

No. An independent reserve study is required by law at least every three years. Those numbers are incorporated into the association’s budget. Our company will update the budget information with current year-to-date and inflation rate numbers

How often is the reserve study conducted?

Every three years as required by law.

Do you coordinate the activities involved in audit/review preparation for taxes?

Yes, and actively assist whenever questions arise

Do you make sure that an association’s taxes are paid on a timely basis?

Yes, part of the management agreement

Does your company prepare 1099’s for all of the association’s unincorporated vendors?

Yes, part of the management agreement

Does your company provide any in-house maintenance services for the associations you manage?

No, we believe this is a conflict of interest. However, in over 30 years in the industry we have developed an extensive vendor listing for all association services.

Will the association’s vendors be supervised by your company?

Our company will assist in the supervision of contracts as approved by the Board of Directors, and will monitor the association’s regular vendors.

What are your company’s office hours?

9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Thursday; 9:00AM-4:00PM on Friday

What form of after-hours service does you company provide?

24-7 access to live personnel

Can we hold a meeting at your office?

Yes – our conference room can accommodate a typical board meeting

Do you manage access control services like gates?

Yes – we monitor usage and issue devices as well